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    There's been a few comments about this unit on forums. Here's what I've found out.
    1) You can't get "picture in picture" when viewing the programme menu.
    2) You CAN increase the video storage by switching off top up TV.
    3) The recording "skips back" sometimes when you FF past adverts.
    4) You can't jump to the middle of a recorded movie. You must FF all the way.
    5) You can't enter time when setting manual record times. You must use FF.
    6) You can't copy the recording to a PC. You must copy in real time with s-video
    7) It is a little noisy but you get used to it.
    8) A high percentage of this unit get sent back with defects.
    9) "Programme series" record option as described in the manual doesn't work on some units.
    10) The USB port on the front doesn't do anything for the consumer and despite rumour is unlikely ever to be used.
    This cost £199.00 when first launched, and retails for £99.00 now. With a few firmware changes I'm sure this could have been a good product, but as it is now my opinion is that it's still highly overpriced.

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