I am new to all this Digital TV. We have just got a Toshiba dtb2000 box and can recieve all the BBc and ITV free channels. I have just heard that at the end of the month they will be transmitting new freeview channels.

If I can get the previous channels, will I also get the new channels? I see people are getting test signals, but doing a channel store just recieves the same channels.

Secondly, what are are software updates? Do we need these before we can recieve new channels. Are any available for this box? Do these come via the ariel or is this what the phone line connection is for?

Any comments on this box appreciated as I can not find much on it.

Thanks in advance


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Yes it will pick up the new channels ok, although there is a possibility you might not recieve the radio stations properly (software issues). You simply need to do a retune, like you did when you first got it. Infact, most people are able to find the new channels already (depending on their transmitter). There are test transmisions on most of the due to be launched channels.

Your boxe's software should not stop you receiving these new channels, but.............................
You will NOT have digital text facility, nor will you be able to access interactive services. The box would have needed several updates since its manufacture for either of these to work. Alas this never happened and it never will. I had this box about 2 - 2 1/2 years ago and eventually flogged it.

The box is fine for normal reception of digital channels, but don't expect anything else. You may not even get the 'now & next' info on the EPG.


Thanks very much for that. Did a store channels to retune, but still no new channels. Prehaps they are not being transmitted from our transmitter yet.

We are on the Midhurst transmitter (Mid Sussex) and an ariel engineer told us that to get digital we need to be on the Heathfield transmitter as we will get no digital signal from Midhurst. He also told us we can not go on the Heathfield transmitter though due to all the trees in the area. We were suprised when we borrowed a DTT box to find we were getting a signal and all the free channels!! Picture kept breaking up, but a cheep plug in booster and all is perfect.

Hopefully, should get the new channels soon then.

Thanks again

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