Dspeaker Anti-Mode X4


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DSPeaker-Anti-Mode X4

Anti-Mode X4




First define your speaker setup. A normal stereo system with two speakers and no subwoofers is referred to as a ”2.0” system. The speakers should be connected to the Primary outputs (XLR, RCA, or a digital output).

A ”2.1” system has also a single subwoofer. The speakers should be connected as above, and the subwoofer to either left of right Auxiliary output (XLR or RCA).

A ”2.2” system has two speakers and two subwoofers. The connections are as above, but
subwoofers are connected to both left and right Auxiliary outputs (instead of one).

If you have only subwoofers to connect, you can choose the ”0.2” configuration. In this case, connect the subwoofers to the Primary outputs.

Anti-Mode X4 incorporates a patent-pending automatic cross-over optimization system. When normal calibration is chosen with ”2.1” or ”2.2” system, this optimization system measures the audio reproduction parameters of the subwoofers and speakers and uses that information to form a digital cross-over network that maximizes the integration of the speakers and subwoofers while minimizing the overall distortion of the system.



£2770. But still bloody expensive.


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more information


Here you're seeing an IC tester loadboard with an adapter for SSOP28 package. It looks like we're soon ready to start grading PCM1792 IC's to be included in future higher-end products. Are we going far enough to get the best performance, do you think?

One more step in the long road from an idea to a product, not the first nor the last one.


3 questions; What about PCM1794? Can PCM1792 play back DSD? Do you rate PCM1792 higher than ESS sabre 9038 pro?

DSPeaker There is no standard consumer connection you could use for DSD, so a dedicated DSD interface on the DAC is not a deciding factor. (Allowing playback of DSD is a matter of signal processing, it does not matter where the signal processing is implemented.) The ESS Sabre 9038 Pro seems impressive on the marketing front (they seem to be jealous about their datasheets), although we should reach a similar dynamic range for the system (and not just the DAC), and is a good step up for us for the next product.
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