DSP Z7 and CD player marriage; CDP under £350


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What are my options with a £350 budget?

Saw this Cyrus CD6 CD Player on budget. Anyone think I could do better for the money?

Also thought about getting a second hand player and sending it here CD Upgrades Audio

Any thoughts shared would be most welcome.

Speakers on duty for music will be a pair of XTZ 99.25's & SVS SB12plus



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That is a great CD, prices of it have plummeted what with the new SE models out. I don't think you will get a better new player for £350 though.

You can do wonders with upgrading older players, you can pick up an Marantz cd63 for under £40, upgrade the hell out of it and it has the potential to rival most cdp under 1k. you just have to remember that its an old unit and parts like the drive or lazer could fail.


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I agree Kidloco,

I'm all for specing-up a used unit, just worried other parts may falter down the line.

Oh well, I'm still waiting for my Z7 to turn up so I've got a little while longer to consider my options.

Thanks for your input, much appreciated:smashin:

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