DSM-330 and Mkv and x264 files


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Hi There!

I have tried multiple times to get this type of media to play without success.
I am running 1.4.59 and I have followed the various instructions and downloaded the latest 1.4 compatible files and I still cannot get the player to play the files. They don't show a thumbnail and give an error when trying to play. What am I doing wrong?


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I had exactly the same issues.

Firstly you need to completely uninstall everything to do with DivX server using the Add/Remove programs control panel applet.

Then, do a google search for Kamimwa's All in One Pack version 1.4. Install everything it says, including ffdshow, the Matroska splitter, flv splitter, and the two ffdshow reg files.

Then install version 1.2 of the DivX connected server software. It *MUST* be this earlier version. I tried all others, including 1.4.59 and nothing worked.

Make sure you choose "Do not limit" from the install screens of ffdshow.

Check the size of the DCDShowPlayback.config file in the \program files\divx\divxconnected\bin directory. It should be about 10k. This is located in the kamimwa pack. Copy it across to this directory from the kamimwa archive if yours is the wrong size.

Next, navigate to \program files\divx\divx connected\framework (or similar) directory and delete DCAzureusplaybackplugin.dll

Run the server software and add your video directories.

If installed correctly, you will see the little white, blue and black Matroska icons next to your MKV files. From memory they look like the Greek Omega symbol.

Fire up your DSM-330 and you should see the thumbnails, and be able to play them.

Using this method, you can also view FLV (flash video) files direct from your 330.

This is VERY longwinded (or so it seemed!) what seemed a simple installation process, took me days to work out. The secret is the TOTAL uninstall of later software server packages.

I think I got this right! Someone feel free to correct me if I havent!

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