DSD and bass management

Stereo Steve

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I'm trying to find info on the handling of DSD in various SACD players. I had assumed that converting back to PCM was a thing of the past but I note that the Denon DVD-A11 converts to PCM if you set the speakers to small. This is dissapointing.

So, do all SACD players do this? I mean how about the top line Sony ones? Is it fundamental in SACD that it has to be PCM to apply bass management or is it a case of Denon not fitting the right chips?

I suppose that with iLink and others, Denon would say to send the bitstream to the amp for that sort of thing. But how do we stand there? Are there any amps that can apply bass management to a DSD signal without prior conversion?

Personally I'm waiting for a top line processor form the likes of Arcam, Primare (or Audiolab) that has an ilink and has hi-res audio in mind.

Any comments?
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