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I've just setup DScaler, with Sky Digital and a Grundig STB with svideo.
And can not get it to switch between anamorphic and non anamorphic modes. Despite enabling WSS in the options.

Anyone got this to work?

Also it doesn't seem to switch back to 4:3, over SCART on my Sony WEGA. But does switch to 16:9. Any ideas?
My NTL box didn't have a problem doing this?


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yeh, thats wot i've been doing.

do you know of anyway to set it without using the mouse menu option.

assign it a keyboard shortcut?
for use with a remote?


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CTR+1 will toggle 4x3
CTR+SHIFT+3 will toggle 16x9

pesty for keyboarding fairly straight forward for an IR remote solution.


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you said WSS isn't that reliable.

does this mean, yeh the box outputs it, but currently Dscaler has issues around detecting it.


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I can't tell you if the box outputs it. I only know from my experience with Dscaler that auto detection isn't very good.


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The most usual method of WSS switching is using different voltages on one of the scart pins, since we don't have any way of detecting that we have to use a VBI method which sort of works sometimes but it does depend on broadcaster support and in the UK a lot of broadcasters don't seem to bother with it or just put it in the wrong place and other annoying things.

I'll investigate this a bit more as I know how annoying it is.



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Hi, WSS on Line 23 is not provided by any of the sky digital boxes only crude voltage switching on pin 8 (4:3 or 16:9) of the set top box tv scart connector. As for terrestrial digital tv I'm only aware of the old Nokia Mediamaster box providing proper wss on line 23. Perhaps the NTL cable box also does this?

There's no excuse really for the boxes not having this as the broadcasters flag screen ratio (16:9, 14:9, 4:3 zoom etc) in the mpeg data stream (although they can get this wrong). Hopefully set top box makers will add this useful feature on future models.

My ideal set top box either sky or freeview would have s-video with proper wss on line 23 as well as digital audio out - the perfect combo for dscaler :) - anybody know of such a box?

John, as a work around, could dscaler look for an external trigger say off a serial port that could be connected, via a simple circuit, to scart pin 8?

cheers, Phil

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