Dscaler, is it me ?


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Or have I set it up wrong...
Svideo straight into my Panny AE500 looks good..
It, to me, looks not much better thru Dscaler?
I have a fresh install and have it set to moscomp2.
But to me it doesn't look that different.
My setup is XP pro, 2100 Athlon and 256 memory with a PCTV rave capture card.
Any suggestions? Or di I have to fork out a million squid on a new card...




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I'm surprised at that, but have no experience with that particular projector.

What is your tv source? Sky+?




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Hello Chris now that HP3 is over I'll be getting the digibeta bacl to you along with the discrete frames I pulled off it on CD-R ( 4 of them I think) Sorry about the delay but it was a real firefight this one.

You'll see a big improvement if you move to a better card. For under £50 you could get a pixelview Xcapture or a PB TV100 both regarded as being about as good as you get with an svideo only card ( I used to use Xcapture and it was light years better than a PCTV rave) . There are a few new ones out there now that are well respected.

The sweetspot is great : allowing RGB or component capture and short of going SDI its unlikely you'll get better capture quality for the price but it is around the £200 mark last time I checked.

I've got an Xcapture gathering dust in my HTPC now made redundant because of the sweetspot. ( I felt a little guilty just yanking it as it did give me very good service). However I could part with it and put it in with your digibeta: if you like it send me £20 ( was £50 but that was imported from the US probably about £35 new ) if not send me the card back.

I've alos got a PB TV100 that got little use as I preferred the Xcapture come to think of it.


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Hi Mr D,

If chris doesn't want the xCapture card, I'll give you £20... perhaps you should put it in the classifieds?



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Thanks for all responses.
MrD. I will certainly give the Card a go :) I will send you the cash if it is a good'un ....Thanks for your help. Looking forward to HP3.

The main input is Sky+

The PCTV rave was given to me so I don't mind losing it.

I will have a further twiddle with the dscaler settings at the weekend.

Cheers all



Yes, no trading outside of the hardware classifieds please.



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Funny, I read in avs, and it is my experience that the panny ae500 is much better with a svideo input than rgb scart. definately more noise with rgb.

dvi though is a different matter. far less vb!

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