Dscaler and SKY+


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Just a very quick one...started fiddling with Dscaler yesterday ahead of putting my SKY+ through it via S-video.
Basically, it's like this....
I have read the notes...and still no good...
So I thought I would ask if anyone has a great setup using s-video in and sky - and if so, please oh please...what are the settings :)

I would be very grateful.




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I have it set to automatic film pulldown detection (although if I see a lot of motion artifacts I change it to MosComp2 - or whatever it's called - it depends on the channel) The only filter I use is the adaptive one (again can't remember the exact name for it as my HTPC isn't on at the mo'). Sorry to be so vague :blush: but hope it helps. I also changed the dscaler brightness settings etc, but it really does depend on your display and your own eye to tell you what looks right.

I think there was a long thread a while back about setting up dscaler for the pbtv card which goes into great depth about various settings. Try a search for this.

Good luck!



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cheers for the reply.
I tried to search for the thread but didn't find it.
I guess I just have to fiddle.. even if I don't know what all the names of the filters mean or do..




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That will give me a head start.

Best wishes


Alex Simon

Hi there
Have you got an external DVD player?
If so it might be worth using a test disc (even a THX optimode one if you haven't got VE or Avia) and using the auto-calibration feature in DScaler. It's not perfect but it gets you very close.
The DScaler help files talk you though it in a sensible way.

Otherwise, I would use MoComp2, no filters (I've never liked the artifacts) and then all you need to do is get the width and height right. Set you display device aspect ration in the AR menu, then swap between 4:3 and 16:9 depending on the material.

If you drop frames with MoComp2 (figure at the bottom of the windowed view) then try adjusting the 'search effort' in the deinterlace settings menu.

Hope that helps


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Many thanks all good suggestions.
I look forward to setting up my KAT5 system from Keith Doxey.
This should get me nice piccys from my sky to the capture card.

Cheers fellas


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