For Sale DS Lite - new screen/case & brain game - working but sold spares or repairs - £20...!!!

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    I have for sale a Nintendo DS Lite which has had a new lower LCD screen, new touchscreen, new case and comes with 'Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training game' - working but is being sold as spares or repairs as it suffered some 're-assembly issues'.

    I got this a while ago faulty with the broken hinge problem.
    When I was dismantling it the lower LCD ribbon connector 'perished/fell apart' so it also needed a new lower LCD screen.
    The touchscreen also had a deep scratch in it so I decided to replace it.

    I ordered; new white case, new lower LCD screen & touchscreen.

    Once I replaced the housing, on connecting up the touchscreen - the P6 touchscreen connector on the mobo broke - so I had to replace this.
    The new P6 touchscreen connector was the 'push in' type - the old one was the 'top opening' type.
    I soldered on the P6 connector, connected everything up to test and the DS switched on ok but there was no touchscreen response. I rechecked the solder joins and all continuity was ok so I tried again - same issue - buttons work ok but no touchscreen response.
    I decided to re-assemble it and see if that makes a difference - while I was putting it back together I screwed the wrong screw into the mobo retention hole and therefore a lump has appeared above the D controller - makes it unique - see pic.
    Then on assembling the two halves of the case - despite lining up the power switch & volume slider - when I snapped the case halves together I found the power switch wasn't lined up and the tab on the actual switch has snapped off.

    Current condition - 3 issues;
    1. Touchscreen doesn't work or is intermittent. SOMETIMES it seems to be making things move but if you press the screen randomly it stops. eg on entering your nickname various letters are selected - if you press the screen it stops.
    2. Power slider switch removed and you have to turn it on/off with a pin/tiny screwdriver in the hole pressed against where the switch tab used to be.
    3. Incorrect screw has created a lump above the d-controller - quite unique but doesn't affect functionality.

    See pics below - it powers up and works and is fine when using the buttons - but due to the 3 issues above - this is being offered as spares or repairs.

    You get:
    * DS unit with new white case (case quality 6.5/10) - battery included & new screen borders not yet stuck on.
    All parts seem to be in good working order apart from touchscreen - which is new but not working possibly due to wrong type of P6 connector.
    Both LCD screens are working - lower screen is new, upper screen is working but on a black screen I think there is a stuck blue pixel. When both screens go white - the shade of white is noticeably different but not really an issue on a DS.
    * Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training game - boxed in good condition.
    * Old white case & parts.

    Asking £20 includes UK postage.

    Thanks for looking.

    Price and currency: £20
    Delivery: Delivery cost is Included
    Payment method: BT
    Location: London/Farnborough

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