Ds Lite games for a four year old.


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Hi,I've just bought a DS Lite for my four year old niece and I'm after a few recommendations for games suitable for her age group.

I've already decided on 'New Super Mario Brothers' for her.

I'm also considering Brain Training or Pokemon but not sure if they would be suitable,she's a very bright girl but I don't want to buy something that she can't manage.

Thanks for any help.


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Couldn't agree more with the above, ours love it, Mario cart is also great, our girls were beating me at 4 and 6, i would consider getting another if possible, try second hand because the games that Nintendo make a great in 2 player and you'll enjoy it as much as them.:thumbsup:


Nintendogs :)

My 5 year old tries brain training but you need to read so it's a bit out of his league.

42 All time classics has some stuff they, and you, can play?


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New Super Mario Brothers may be a little tricky her. Well, I got stuck on a level or four...

Mario Kart is very good for all ages..

Tesco Jersey are selling Dogz for £8.


Dogz is supposed to be pretty poor in comparison to Nintendogs, I might get it for my youngest though as it's more cartoony.


my daughter 5 here is a list of what she got on her ds
bratz ponys
cooking mamma
bratz forever diamonds
donkey king


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My three year and 9 month old daughter has been playing...

Animal Crossing : Wild World
Lego Star Wars
New Super Mario Bros.
Yoshi's Island
Mario Kart
Some games on 42 All Time Classics (darts, bowling and a block moving puzzle game)

...and is good enough to show mum how to get through some of the games.

She needs help sometimes though to earn money to feed the dogs but she seems quite happy to let them have fleas and she does need to be reminded to do the weeding in AC.

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