DS lite battery on flight to USA


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Hey, im going to florida soon, which i think is about a 9 hour flight. My battery usually lasts a few days with on and off play but i hope to be using it most of the way (if they are showing some boring films etc) on the flight to take my mind of the boringness of the flight. How long does the ds lite battery usually last if its being used for a few hours solid. Will it make it all the way or should I get one of the emergency chargers ive seen on ebay just in case ?

monkey business

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it should last the whole 9 hrs
cos my ds lite was on without me knowing for 4 days straight and it didn't run out of battery so it should be ok


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It will last the whole journey no probs - I used mine for around 5/6 hours on a recent trip to Brazil. There was still quite a bit of juice left too!


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Nice one. I usually have it on brightness level 3 and was thinking about putting it down to number 2 to be on the safe side but might just leave it on 3 (looks so much better) :)


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Make sure you get an American charger - then you can have it on the way back as well.

Last time I flew to America I had Shrek and Bridget Jones Diary - good times :rolleyes:


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Just go careful. When I flew to Spain last year we were told no Wi-Fi capable devices were allowed to be used on the flight. A bit ambiguous though.


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Just buy a spare battery charge it up then take a mini screwdriver with you so you can swap them if you need to. Spare batteries on the DS are wonderfully affordable compared to things like ipod batteries.


Im pretty sure you wont be getting on a plane with a screwdriver in the current climate :rolleyes:

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