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Can anyone recommend a good place to get replacment batteries for the DS Lite. Have got them from Amazon in the past, for a few quid, but they don't last. have tried to contact nintendo.co.uk by no reply.

Nintendo.com sell them but only to the US and Canada.

Any help would be gratly received




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I have a slightly different question.

I just noticed my DS Lite battery is a "USG-003, 3.7V 100mAh... Use and chargebattery ONLY with USG_001". I have two actually, a spare from broken DS Lite which is the same.

My official charger is a "USG-002, 5.2V-450mA..." while my Logic 3 three-in-one (DS/DS-Lite/GBA SP) charger which I'm currently using is "5.2V/700mA".

I'm don't know what all that means but am I doing any harm to my battery by using either of these chargers?

I can't really say I've noticed any drop in battery performance as I've not really been monitoring it. I just randomly read something online about using the wrong charger can wearing the battery out prematurely.

Perhaps I should at least just stick to the official Nintnedo charger?

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The higher current in the Logic 3 charger means that it will "push" more current through the battery to charge it. This means that it will charge up more quickly.
On the downside, it also means that battery will get much hotter and also, if you charge a battery too fast, tiny gas bubbles build up on the plates internally and knacker the battery out (this is why those "30-min quick chargers" are a bad idea for AA/AAA batts - charge quickly but get too hot and reduce overall lifespan of batts).

Having said that, I don't know if the OEM Nintendo battery will cope fine but, just in case, I would stick with the OEM charger only myself.

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