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My kids are going on a long car journey with some other memebers of the family in a couple of cars. Does anyone know of a game or homebrew app that will let them voice chat ds to ds over a direct wifi link.

I know they can use the pico chat to type and draw pictures for each other but i just thought being able to chat will be more fun.


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The only games that I know of that allow voice chat are Pokemon D/P or Animal Crossing but both of those don't use the direct link for the voice chat, they use the internet for connection.. .. .. ..


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Not directly OT but Bomberman has 1 card download play for up to 8 players and has 'voice-activated' bombs which is great fun. Although in a car this may be slightly chaotic as the close range of other players in the same car may set off each others bombs. :devil:

I've tried car to car wifi and it's nearly impossible unless you are very close to each other (say in a traffic jam for example).

Also another solution may just be to buy a set of cheap walkie talkies and then everyone can just play mariocart or something else popular.

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