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(Full list last updated: 14/02/08)

OK, I bought my boys a Nintendo DS each last month for their birthday and have found it really hard to find REAL bargains for some games and as there doesn't seem to be any threads here on any games I thought I'd start one to help keep them all in one simple place. I'll try my best to keep my 1st post up to date with the current bargains.

* New added since
+ Down in price
- Up in price


Bomberman £9.99 @ play (find-games link)
* Bomberman Land: Touch £9.95 @ thegamecollection (find-games link)
* Bomberman Story £16.99 @ powerplaydirect (find-games link)
* Contact £4.99 @ thegamecollection (find-games link)
+ Final Fantasy III £9.95 @ tgrav
* Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings £17.98 @ amazon (find-games link)
* Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales £9.99 @ dvdcouk (find-games link)
Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue £9.99 @ choicesuk (find-games link)
* High School Musical: Makin the Cut £12.99 @ dvdcouk (find-games link)
* Impossible Mission £9.99 @ thegamecollection (find-games link)
* Justice League Heroes £6.99 @ thegamecollection (find-games link)
- King Kong £8.73 @ thehut (find-games link)
* Nacho Libre £4.95 @ thegamecollection (find-games link)
Open Season £9.99 @ game (find-games link)
+ Phoenix Wright 2: Ace Attorney-Justice For All £9.99 @ thegamecollection (find-games link)
Picross £14.99 @ choicesuk (find-games link)
Puyo Pop Fever £6.95 @ thegamecollection (find-games link)
Rayman £9.99 @ choicesuk (find-games link)
+ Rayman Raving Rabbids £10.93 @ thehut (find-games link)
* Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 £15.99 @ hmv (find-games link)
* Star Fox Command £8.45 @ thegamecollection (find-games link)
+ Star Wars: Lethal Alliance £9.84 @ play (find-games link)
* Superman Returns £9.99 @ play (find-games link)
* Worms 2: Open Warfare £11.99 @ hmv (find-games link)
* Zendoku £4.75 @ thegamecollection (find-games link)


+ Big Brain Academy (R1) £10.99 @ Movietyme
Cooking Mama (R1) £11.99 @ Movietyme
* Lego Star Wars 2: Original Trilogy (R0) £10.99 @ Movietyme
Sim City (R1) £16.99 @ Movietyme
Transformers (R1) £16.99 @ Movietyme (released 19/06/07)


:smashin: www.find-games.co.uk
Useful price comparison site which can email you as soon as a game drops below your set price.

:smashin: http://uk.gamestracker.com
Useful price comparison site.

:smashin: www.123pricecheck.co.uk/gameindex.shtml
Useful price comparison site.

:cool: www.nintendowifi.co.uk/hotspots/searchHotSpot.do
Search for free legal, local wifi hotspots.

:cool: http://uk.ds.ign.com
Lots of game cheats, previews, reviews, trailers & screenshots.

:cool: www.dsfanboy.com
Lots of news, reviews, cheats, & walkthroughs

:cool: www.gamesxtreme.net/ds
Lots of game info, tips, cheats, downloads, news, & reviews.


:smashin: www.tgrav.com
- 10% off everything on the site with no minimum spend for AVForum Members use code avf4617.

:smashin: www.quidco.com
- Cashback scheme saving money on many retailers. Find out more on this forum thread.

A big thanx to the following contributors:
Andy_83, Bribrian, BrokenArrow, Cloysterpeteuk, Flashy, Insomaniac, JGClifton, Magic Walrus, Ready 03, Robogamer, somecoolgeezer, Steakman, tgrav.com, themanwithapc, Zico

:hiya: Please let me know if you have seen these cheaper.


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I bought 42 All Time Classics when it was around £10 delivered and Tesco honoured it (for once!)


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Oooh, very tempted - does this have any replayable value or is it a novelty purchase that I'd get bored after 1 week?

I sold mine after about a week, and I usually love quirky gamnes. There just isn't enough 'meat' (no pun intended) to the game, and the cooking is just a front end for standard use of the touch screen.


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I ordered 42 All Time Classics on Sunday the 22nd from Tesco Jersey then forgot about it. I just got an email saying it's been dispatched.:thumbsup:


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:smashin: More cheap games added.

And Animaniacs down to £7.95 (Is this game really as bad as the reviews on amazon have me believe. How about for two 5yr olds?)

:hiya: I'm also compiling a list of useful DS related links for the #1 post on this thread. So let me know your favourites.


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Probably best to avoid Animaniacs even at that price. Also from all the reviews King Kong & Top Spin are probably overpriced even at a tenner. Top Spin is supposedly almost unplayble.

gamesextreme isnt really useful either as the sites pretty much dead.
There's only been a couple of updates to the DS part all year. There's only 5 reviews, 0 previews & 1 feature in the entire ds section.

Other than the main gaming sites such as ign & Eurogamer www.dsfanboy.com is decent site for staying up to date with DS stuff.

Some DS bargains:
Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin - £17.99 @ choicesuk
Age Of Empires - £12.99 @ choicesuk
Picross DS (preorder) £14.99 @ choicesuk
code for extra 5% off @ choicesuk - FRESHER


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anyone know of any good deals on the ds lite console ??? i want one for my sons birthday in a couple of weeks ????????????


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anyone know of any good deals on the ds lite console ??? i want one for my sons birthday in a couple of weeks ????????????

They're generally about £95 at the mo (amazon, play). However, based on his age and likes it may be better to go for a bundled deal with a few good games. Otherwise do what we did and go into your local Gamestation and haggle for a good offer. ;)


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If you want to walk in a pick one up from a bricks and mortar store, Game have it bundled with Pokemon Blue rescue team for £105. I traded the game in after a few days (a little to childish for me) for £10, so its still the £95 for the lite.

If you return the game unopended, you get £5 for it. If you trade it, you get £10 go figure.

alfie noakes

Just ordered a Black DS Lite for £84.96 inc delivery :thumbsup:
from ebuyer using the £10 discount for Google Checkout.


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:smashin: Flipper Critters £9.99 @ play

Can anyone tell me if it's as good as the reviews make out and is the multiplayer option single card download or multicard?
Big Brain Academy (R1) £11.99

Need to be careful with this. There is a section in the game which requires you to quickly work out the value of coins. The British version obviously has British coins where as the Movietyme import has cents and dimes etc.
There is an option to turn on a numeric illustration which prints the value of the coins as '10' or '5' etc but it simply doesn't make it as easy or as fast to play as when you are playing with British coin shapes that you can recognise quickly.


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:smashin: Just added to #1 post:

Bomberman for £9.99
Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue for £9.99
Star Trek Tactical Assault for £7.95
Star Wars: Episode III for £9.90


It rubbish, all the maps are huge 8 player things and only 1 4 player arena. These are too big for playing a 1 on 1. I hear bomberman land is much better

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