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    Must be complete and in good to excellent condition...

    Here is the list of wants:

    DS Games:

    Giana Sisters (UK)
    Elite Forces Unit 77 (UK)
    9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors (US)
    Dementium The Ward (UK)
    Retro Game Challenge (US)
    Aliens Infestation (UK)
    Cop The Recruit (UK)
    Fighting Fantasy The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain (US)
    Atari’s Greatest Hits (UK)
    Konami Classisc Series Arcade Hits (UK)
    Moon (UK)
    System Flaw (UK)
    Touch The Dead (US)
    Magical Starsign (UK)
    Resident Evil Deadly Silence (UK)
    Soul Bubbles (UK)
    The Humans (UK))
    Tomb Raider Legend (UK)
    Tomb Raider Underworld (UK)

    3DS Games:

    Cave Story (UK)
    Heroes Of Ruin (UK)
    Castlevania Lords Of Shadow (UK)
    Nano Assault (US)
    Ultimate NES Remix (UK)
    Rhythm Thief (UK)
    Epic Mickey : Power Of Illusion (UK)
    Rayman 3D (UK)
    Super Monkey Ball 3D (UK)
    Steel Diver (UK)
    Paper Mario Sticker Star (UK)
    Code Of Princess (US)
    Crush3D (UK)
    Sonic Boom (UK)

    Location: Watford, Hertfordshire

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