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Sorry if this isn't allowed on here, I'm making an enquiry for a close family friend.

Basically he stopped with fags and the cone shaped one's about 2/3 years ago after he bought a dynavap, and he absolutely loves it.
50 years of smoking a total of 30 fags/spliffs a day, now down to 5 goes on the dynavap and no tobacco.

As much as he loves his dynavap, he's interested in getting an equivalent electronic version for when he's out and about. He's conscious of people seeing him pulling out his lighter, heating up a small metal pipe and then chuffing away on it. I can see where he's coming and he wondered if you can get a dry herb vape/ecig (don't know what the term is!)
I've had a look but I haven't got the foggiest idea. I used to smoke but I never got into the whole ecig thing as I'm just addicted to nicotine lozenges now, but that's another story.
So, my question is, is there a small, discrete electronic vape thing that can be used for dry herb and not liquid/vape juice?

Thanks very much and apologies again mods if this isn't allowed to be discussed on here.
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Yes there is. My friend uses one regularly and she thinks it's great but it's not my kind of thing so can't give you much in the way of details. I'm not sure on the rules for posting links to that sort of thing but if you search dry herb vaporizer or weed vaporizer you will find something.
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