Dropped Sony 28" - can it be fixed?


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Kids had their friends over and somehow they pushed their telly off it's stand dropping it 60cm onto a wooden floor. The picture has a purple cloud in one corner and a green cloud in the other, but the image is still OK. The telly is only 4 years old and its a shame to replace it. The tube is obviously damaged but can they be repaired.

Any suggestions :)


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sounds like a knock to the aperture grille inside the tube, or maybe on the crt neck needs fixing its hard to say please send us a pic to establish what it cud be :thumbsup:



It may settle down after a day or so, turn it off and switch it back on when it is cold, using the main switch on front of the TV.
If it dosnt sort itself out after a few days, it is unlikly to be repairable.



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Thanks for the advice. It happened 2 weeks ago and it hasn't improved at all. I think I will take Gary B's advice and put a claim on the household insurance. I look on the bright side, it is a heavy beast and I'm glad no one got hurt. I'll take a trip to the local repair shop and see what they say. :thumbsup

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