dropped samsung mobile in water



plz plz help me
i have a samsung z140 mobile phone and it was in my pocket when i jumped into a pool and it wasnt until later i realised, and now it doesnt work. Can Somebody please help me, it was a new birthday present :(
Thankyou so much if you can help me resolve this problem :)


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unless you know how to strip it and clean it, then all you can try is to remove battery and put it in very warm place for a few days or better a week, like airing cupboard.
do not try turning on as this is what will cause the damage, although if it was on when you got it wet, there may already be unrepairable damage.
if no good then there are places that offer non fix no fee repairs, although noone would guarentee a liquid damage repair


if its new, can't you claim it on the insurance? mind, you might need to say it fell in the pool, and don't mention it was in your pocket at the time :D

Daddy k

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perhaps you should change your user name to lochness instead ;)


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Agreed about the leave it to dry out idea. It's what you do with a computer keyboard, shake off all the excess water, kill the power or remove the battery, take all the covers off and leave it as open as possible and leave it to dry off.
The screen may get the worst damage though, I would deffo follow up the insurance claim idea if it is broke.

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