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I have a Humax HDR Fox T2 PVR.
Since before Christmas I have lost ITV and all HD channels. I have carried out manual re-tune, manual re-tune and a reset to factory default.
I live in postcode area DN9 2BU

When I connect the aerial direct to the TV I can get all the channels but ITV picture quality is poor unless I use ITV HD.

I have spoken with Humax customer service who sent me an email basically telling me how to do a mannual re-tune on channels 47,44,41,51,52,48 32&56. Carried this out but no improvement.

Do I need a new PVR?

If so I am considering the HUMAX FVP-5000T Freeview Play Smart Digital TV Recorder - 500 GB

Has anyone any advice?



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Well Humax are assuming you are watching Emley Moor with those frequencies. For HD manual tuning you need to specify tuning in DVB-T2 mode rather than DVB-T for ch 41, 32 and 56 (the 3 HD -T2 muxes).

But you may not be using Emley Moor in Wroot, Doncaster? Predictions for Belmont are almost as good. Use the Freeview Help Checker and go to the 'detailed view'. Emley is West of you (281 degrees), Belmont to the East (111 degrees). Check which way your aerial points.

We have had a lot of weather related TV interference in the past few weeks due to High Pressure. So try another auto tune (where the HDR-Fox-T2 does two tuning passes: the first in -T mode the second in -T2. It may work better now the weather has changed? (Even though your predictions are for <1% of time interference from both Emley and Belmont.)

EDIT: Always check over TV aerial plugs, sockets and cable for damage or poor connections. Keep hdmi and TV aerial cables well apart.
And use the signal strength/quality meter built in to the -T2 box! Report the numbers you find here for analysis if a simple auto retune doesn't fix things.
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Thanks for your reply. I did use DVB-T2 mode for channels 32 and 56 but not for 41. On all those channels I got a no channels found message. I'll have another go. Aerial is pointing at Emley Moor. I'll separate the cables as you suggest. I'll get back with signal strength when she that must be obeyed has stopped watching junk!


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Signal strength typically 30% Quality 100%
Now got all the HD channels due to selection of DVB-T2 mode for channel 41.
Cables separated.
Plugs checked but they are moulded type onto coax cable.
Wall areial socket checked, seems a nice tidy job, no stray screening.
Itv now acceptable and ITV HD very good.



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Watch out for possible interference from Bilsdale too. It’s surprising how far signals from that TX travel.



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Strength is too low. My -T2 starts playing up when levels are under about 40% (I take it in my caravan to different locations) and IIRC concensus is it needs ideally in the 60-70% range. I suspect an aerial / cable issue outside the home. (Although I'd also try alternative fly leads if you have some).

Wolfbane predicts 51dBuV for the postcode (at 5m and 10m agl, for an outside aerial): 51 dB + 6 dB (log periodic/ low gain aerial) - 3 dB (10 m of cheap cable loss) - 3 dB (for termination losses) = 51 dB at the TV. {Assuming no passive splitting to other sets, nor any amplification). It could be a few dB higher with a higher gain aerial and lower loss cable.

The ideal signal level at a TV is between 45 and 65 dB, so 51 is in that range. I'd expect to see around 50-60% strength from the Humax rather than 30%?

Mind you if it works reliably for you as it is that is all that matters!


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Hi all,
Now I have some time on my hands I am considering trying to improve signal strength.
Unusually I only have one TV and a PVR in the house, but I am about to put in a second TV and aerial point. My aerial is in the loft and the junction box on the aerial seems to allow for two outgoing leads, only one is connected.
At the moment I use the loop through system on the humax pvr to provide an input signal to the TV but this means I have to have the PVR on all the time and I cannot use the power save function if I want to watch TV.

I am considering using the 2nd connection on the aerial to connect directly to the TV. However, if I do this I won't be able to install a 2nd tv and aerial point. So I will have to use a splitter or an amplifier somewhere.
Can anyone suggest the best way forward?
Also co-ax cable is all the same to me, what do I need to buy to use high quality cable?

Thanks for your help


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I've cannot recall coming across a TV aerial with two outputs.
Why make an aerial with some gain and then immediately lose 4dB of the gain you have designed in by splitting it to two outputs?
Especially when splitters are easy to provide separately, including remotely powered amplified versions?

Photos and/or make and model of this aerial please. (Close up on the connections and any markings)

HDR-Fox-T2 consumes a max of 28 Watts, 0.5 Watts in power saving standby and 1.5 Watts in the other standby mode. So not a lot of extra energy - roughly 9 kWh per annum extra (9 Units at 15p, say, is £1.35). In power-saving standby it will consume half that anyway.

Your aerial in the loft is barely adequate for one set in your location; I'd strongly recommend a low gain (8-10dB) powered, amplified splitter is used. This can then feed the PVR, a second TV set (and a separate feed to the main TV if desired).

Do use quality double screened all-copper cable when running new. (e.g. Webro WF100, Philex/Labgear PF100, Triax TX100 or the CT100 sold in Toolstation).

An amplified splitter will be on 24/7 and consume around 2 to 4 Watts. Worst case is 35 units of electricity per annum (£5.26 if 15p/unit). If a remote-powered amplifier is needed you can save a cable run: use a 2 way 'masthead' amp in loft and a psu with 2 outputs behind the TV. Proception amps are recommended by ATV aerials and sold in Toolstation as well.

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