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If you read my previous posts you will know that I crashed my JJRC X15 into a tree and it fell, hit the ground and bounced Ito a pond.. Anyway, today I thought I would take it apart to see if I could fix it.
Partial success.
The gimbal doesn’t move as that was hanging out but the camera shows an image through the app so the WiFi works. The lights on the legs flash and then turn steady after calibration etc so that’s ok.
The only thing that won’t work are the motors. One of the back legs took a beating but the wires were intact.
When the drone is switched on they ‘jump’ like power is going to them. We I saw 2 jump but didn’t notice the others as I gave up. If I spin the motors by hand they feel slightly notchy. Is that normal? If one motor doesn’t work does that stop all the others?
Any help would be great.


Update. I turned the drone on and it beeped as usual. All four motors did their little warm up jump so they all must have power. Is there any sort of test I can do to ensure the control is operating the drone other than spinning the motors?


Ok. If anyone is reading.. I’ve had the battery in and I noticed that the gimbal motors are getting really hot. Seems like they are stuck then. Would that stop it flying?
There are tiny led lights on all the circuit boards inside and they are all illuminated.
The led ‘landing’ light on the bottom of the drone is constantly flashing though.
For reference this JJR X15 is virtually the same as a Dragonfly KK13.
Someone chip in as I’m stumped and don’t like giving up.


Ok. Due to the overwhelming response I thought I would plod on. I took it all to bits again and now the gimbal is working.
It all powers up and flashes like it should and pairs with the control but the rear legs led lights and the landing light underneath do not stop flashing. According to the manual the leds should all be solid.
The bottom of the main body gets warm (too hot?) as well. I don’t know if that’s normal or not.
Like I said before, all the motors twitch when it’s powered up - they just won’t spin.
The WiFi to phone is ok too.


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Well, it's got me stumped ......probably because your not supposed to fly into a tree and the manual say's nothing about it being waterproof :)
My fly buddy has the JJRCx 12 and had problems starting the props. No mention of anything in the manual. Constant flashing led's in doors. We found that the M button (top left) put it into manual mode and he was able to get the props turning and bringing the drone into an open space stopped the green flashing led , it turned into a steady green after finding the sats. No way would it find sats in his back yard or in the house, had to be in a open space. Not sure if this goes for your x 15 but it may be similar.


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I have a question. My husband flew our drone into the trees, it fell out and hit the ground and bent up 2 blades. I got replacement ones and put them on. No biggie. BUT.... today when I went to fly it for the first time all was great except the camera. It will not move. I can physically move it and then send it up and take pics, but I can not get it to move at all on its own while up in the air. So, is there a way to fix it on my own? I tried searching the internet and I could not find anything except this forum, which I have already learned from. If anyone could help me on this matter or send me to a place that could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. :)

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