Drone repair Hertfordshire


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Morning everyone, apologies if this is a repost.
Basically im an amateur drone user enjoy flying it round the local football fields with my daughter nothing fancy. I bought a drone cheap and its great, however one of the propellers snapped and i took it to a supposed repair chap via facebook who suceeded in ripping out the motor and now i am left with a non working unit. Basically does anyone know of anywhere in and around herts that repair drones, i have the new motor and propeller ready i just dont want to balls it up myself. Happy to provide pics more info on the drone itself.


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I am from Hemel Hempstead and they have been recommended to me before but never had to use them


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Shame the repair idiot on Facebook so it does'nt happen to someone else. They can be quite easy to repair of course depending on the make . Carefully split the shells , sometimes the motors are soldered onto the ESC's and sometimes they simply plug in.

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