Question Driving me NUTS !!!!



Firstly Hi,
This is my first posting on here, although I do read many posts with great interest.
Ok so I have a bit of a signal issue with my Freeview.
I live in Swansea so use the Kilvey Hill mast, probably 3-4 miles from the mast.
Our main (living room) TV is run off a cable Virgin Tivo box which is fine, but I've also got 4 smaller TV's spread around the house in the bedrooms and kitchen, these all run off an arial (in the attic) that splits the coax down to each TV (metal 2 way splitter box's), now heres the odd thing !
3 of the TV's coming off this arial work fine, we get all the Freeview channels, without any problems, however the TV in the kitchen, works fine on cloudy or rainy days, but in good clear weather the picture on most of the channels either beaks ups/ freezes or goes off all-together.
Something else I find very bizarre is that when the picture is playing up (same kitchen TV) if I go up to one of the bedrooms and turn on a TV the picture on the kitchen TV then becomes great ?
Turn the bedroom TV off and the kitchen one plays up again.
So basically I have to turn on another TV to get the kitchen TV to stay stable, if that makes sense ?
This is driving me nuts trying to find out what the hell is going on.
I've changed all the splitters from cheap plastic to metal type & checked all connects, and used good quality coax cable, so everything seems good.
I also used an arial signal meter to install the arial.

Could be the problem be the actual TV, because sometimes if I ever so slightly move the TV to a different position it the picture sometimes comes back even without having to turn on another one of the TV's

It like as if it cant cope receiving a crisp clear signal on clear sunny days as the signal is too clear & strong, or having the signal all to itself, hence needing to turn on another TV to "water down" the signal going to this TV.
Hope this makes sense to someone.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the long winded post
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@jactac no TV engineer but sounds like the tv getting too much signal. There are things that can lower the signal strength called attenuators they can be bought in set powers or variables like this >click<
I'm not saying it will work but there fairly cheap to try.


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As above,we had a new Ariel fitted in the new year and had nothing but problems,BT sent out a engineer who confirmed our signal was to strong,gave us a attenuator......solved.

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