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Driving a UK car in Europe?


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So i've been around Teh Interwebz trying to see what extra is needed to drive in Germany and Sweden, and it varies... so thought i'd also ask here with a few questions:

Travelling By Car In Europe - UK Auto Checklists from AutoInsider
- so it seems like i only HAVE to get a "GB" sticker and warning triangle?
- do i need extra headlamp bulbs, it seems "recommended" but only compulsory in places like France?
- ditto hi-vis vests?

- regarding beam deflectors: so the issue is around UK headlights pointing to the left to illuminate UK roadsigns etc? On my 2008 Mondeo i have a wheel to adjust the headlights up/down, i'm guessing this wont be 100% suitable, as it would still not illuminate righthandside roadsigns - however would this eliminate the "dont dazzle other drivers rule"?

Anything else i should know do? (ignoring drive on the right, get insurance etc) Any help appreciated! :smashin:


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In a lot of places you have to have at least one hi-vis vest - for the driver.
Although they will recommend you have one for each passenger too.
Also note that the hi-vis vest HAS to be in the car with you and cannot be stored in the boot.
The idea being you put the vest on before exiting the vehicle if on a motorway etc.

The light situation you describe will not help.
The lights, no matter how "low" you set them will still kick up to the left and dazzle oncoming traffic in Europe.
So you will need to fit the deflectors.

Some people with Xenon's can "flat-line" their beam.
This means the light doesn't kick up at either side and thus eliminates the need for deflectors.


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I dont know which countries they are specific for, but i wouldnt risk it around europe- especially with some police forces being very tight on foreigners.

You need to have a fire extingusher, replacement bulbs, high vis, warning triangle, and on a side note i would personally recommend some tyre foam filler stuff incase you get stuck god knows where and discover a slow puncture- and with that also a tire inflator which uses your cigarette lighter. Also remember in some countries you MUST have your headlights on permanently- be it night or day. Oh and you also need a basic first aid kit aswell I believe.

I needed all these to do the Modball when I drove through France, amsterdam, germany, Vienna, Prague, and Geneva.

Fred Smith

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Have a look at the AA website. It's all there by country. Don't forget some countries i.e. Austria and Switzerland require motorway toll passes (if you use the motorways) and others like France charge tolls on the roads as you use them.


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ah fred reminded me (it may be what he reffers to), some countrys require you to pay a road tax for you to use their roads legally, you can buy then on a daily basis and they give you something just like a tax disc.

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