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Jun 8, 2009
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I have had a few good years' use from my Hitachi 32PD5300, which unfortunately stopped last week when the media box died. This model has all of the inputs going into a separate box (A hitachi AV3000E), which then drives the screen through a cable that looks to be a combination of DVI and S-video.

Rather than throw out a perfectly good screen, I thought that I should see if I can drive it some other way. Attaching my Apple Powerbook via DVI seemed fine, so there was hope. I then went and bought an HDMI-DVI adaptor, and found that now my PS3 and Apple TV can drive it too, which is also good.

Next, though, came the Tiscali box through which I get my TV (I cannot have Sky or terrestrial TV here, the Tiscali PVR via my broadband connection is the only way). This, unfortunately, seemed not to work; the display just kept dropping into power save mode, without ever going so far as to diaplay anything. Same with the DVD player.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be caused by, or what a solution could be? It seems very strange to me that plugging into the HDMI output on the PlayStation or AppleTV works fine, but the HDMI outputs from Tiscali and the DVD player do not. I got a hold of a portable Panasonic LCD set, and am currently using the HDMI output from Tiscali (through a newly bought proper HDMI cable) into that, so clearly the Tiscali box is sending something out, but it is something that the screen cannot see.
Thanks for the reply.

I guess that it could be In fact yes, the screen says that it is getting a 60Hz signal from apple TV), but (and here is where I am going to show real ignorance of HDMI and displays) would the wrong frequency just be ignored by the display, or would it result in the display thinking that there was nothing attached, and powering down? Are other devices different output frequency?

I was thinking, as a next step, of getting a cheap AV receiver and plugging my HDMI outputs into that, and then trying to use the receiver's output to drive the display. The reason that I'd be willing to try this as a test is that if I do have to replace the display, I'd want to replace it with a Hitachi display that has one HDMI input only (god price, I like how it looks), so would still need something to take my four inputs and swap them for one HDMI output, and the my new receiver would not be wasted.
OK, the problem is that this being an early set the digital DVI input is computer (and US TV standard) compatible and that means 60Hz only.

Unfortunately some of the early plasmas with DVI or HDMI could not handle UK TV at 50Hz. For them to work you would have to use analogue connections.

The bad news is that AV amplifiers do not normally convert from 50Hz to 60Hz and therefore that route is not possible.

However, the plug, that you say has something like a S video connection must except UK 50Hz video, somehow, from the media box. So if you were to connect this analogue input and forget the digital input, that would be the solution.
Why not try and get the media box fixed at a local TV repairer? You never know, it could be a simple fault.
Thanks, I will do. It supposedly is a common issue with this box, but I assumed that I'd be looking at a couple of hundred pounds to gt it fixed, by which point it probably made sense to use this an an excuse to upgrade to newer technology.

Given my utter confusion, though, about how I should connect my four HDMI sources to a single-input new display, perhaps a repair makes sense.

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