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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 5th October 2011.
Awesomely addictive, powerfully evocative and utterly spellbinding, the soundtrack to Drive soars with retro-bliss and a staggeringly mythical quality. Blending the verve of Moroder with the sugary euphoria of 80's synth at its most intoxicating, this is the music of the highway and of the heart, and seems determined to set both on a collision course. Cliff Martinez chews up the tension, violence and excitement of Gosling's on-the-edge Driver, fuelling his emotions and mapping for him a new neural network of sensation. Although ambient and hypnotic, there is both beauty and darkness in his synapse-tapping electro-symphony. Once you enter this world you are sure to become entwined with it. Should you ever want to leave, I doubt you will be quite the same again.

But as incredible and as affecting as Martinez's score is, the really good stuff comes courtesy of those phenomenal songs from Desire and College. I cannot believe just how captivating they have become. It feels as though I have heard nothing else for days … and yet each time I listen to them, they feel just as fresh, just as beautiful.#


Drive, the album,is a sublime relocation of the heart and soul to a time and place that some of us actually had the pleasure of experiencing for real. It contains the magic and the melancholia that made it such an eternal dream. There are three genuine modern anthems here, which is astonishing in itself … so get behind the wheel and cruise beneath the neon heavens to the odyssey of the 80's.

Get in. Get out. Get away. But make sure this is playing as you do.

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Active Member
Thanks Chris for what is a pitch perfect review to what must be the greatest score of the year done for what is easily the best movie of the year!

Undoubtedly the best way to fully experience this great film is to read the movie review first, watch the film, buy the soundtrack and then read this soundtrack review whilst listening to it. Great stuff guys, enhanced my movie experience no end!

Casimir Harlow

Blu-ray Reviewer
I can't really compete with the above comment - it sums up just about everything I'd say about this review.

Fantastic job Chris, for what is also my favourite soundtrack of the year and, as you know, my favourite movie of the year. Perfect companion-piece to both the soundtrack, the film and the film review. Awesome!

Chris McEneany

Well-known Member
Very kind words, guys. Thanks.

You know, I love the way that this movie has connected with so many people in terms of character, mood, story and music. There’s a genuine groundswell of favourable opinion towards it – even from people who went in expecting something completely different. Well, all except that crazy woman in the States who is trying to sue the pants off it for NOT being Fast 5. I think we have legitimately witnessed the birth of a cult movie, haven’t we?

BRW, great way of putting things. Cas summed it up perfectly and captured the overall power of the film, its nuances and its emotion. And it’s great to think that you can listen to the score and read about it at the same time. I try to do that with every score review – a sort of AVF sing-along, if you will.

But, as I’ve said in the write-up, I’m truly staggered at how much I fell for this particular soundtrack, which just seemed to come out of the blue … and, most especially, those two pivotal songs. Really takes me back and makes a lovesick teenager out of me all over again.

Anyway, I’m made up that Drive strikes us in the same way.

Cheers fellers,

Chris McEneany :devil:

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