DRH Screen slimline - does it matter if its upside down



Our DRH Slimline screen arrived.

code R231130W

The problems started when we unpacked the thing. There were no screws or anything to mount the screen.

Then we pulled out the screen to the fullest extent and could not get the screen to go back into the case.

In the end we mounted it upside down - luckily it fitted our room perfectly as the heavy case part rests on a black cabinet and I nailed the top of the screen via the metal hook. I don't need it to rewind or anything - and several people think it looks good actually :)

My main query is is there anything in the science of the screen to suggest having it upside down will affect the picture?


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Since it's a matte white screen, having it upside down will have no effect on the projection quality.

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I would think long term that would not do your screen any good. The weight of the screen would be held by the inverted pull down bar and I'm sure that's not up to taking the full weight. In time I guess it would start to sag at the far ends of the screen as it's only supported by the central hook. This is all in theory of course.



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Originally posted by am1001aa
the screen to the fullest extent and could not get the screen to go back into the case.

:oops: a quick and quite hard jerk action is needed to retract the screen, and you have to let it go in pretty fast otherwise it will lock it's position


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I have to agree with Mathew.

Initially I had a quick peek at the screen whilst it was laying flat on the carpet.....couldnt get the damn thing to go in, but after jerking a few times managed to get it up ......not the easiest to screw...in my opinion :D

Mr Screen

:lesson: now come along class :lease: pay attention there is really nothing to this your treating the screen to gently give it some welly dont be :blush: jerk down follow up.

nothing to it

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