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Dregs DVD

Discussion in 'Music & Music Streaming Services' started by goodtimes, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. goodtimes


    Nov 8, 2004
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    Im going to put this short review up on Amazon so I thought I would put it up here to Im not trying to be a smart a.se and it is my first try so sorry if it aint pro enough so her goes.
    I remember watching a program about the Dodge Viper and right at the beginning the designer said something to this effect (If this doesn’t excite you check your pulse you may be dead)
    Well this DVD is the same, if this concert doesn’t turn your crank and you believe you are a Dixie Dregs fan then you should redefine the word fan cause brother this concert takes off.
    The last Steve Morse /Dregs DVD received very mixed reviews and I can see or hear why, however I think if the negative reviews caused anyone not to buy the DVD then they caused a disservice to the population on the whole It just wasn’t that bad and some reviewers were so lame they need to be concentrating on reviewing music they appreciate or understand. I love rock and this is not rock said one reviewer and he was right the Dregs don’t do rock, he should have scrubbed his review and got into something he knew a little about. Others went on to state that Steve Morse wasn’t pronounced enough that may seem a fair comment if it was all about Steve but it wasn’t The Dregs is the Dregs NOT Steve Morse On this DVD If the camera has a love affair with any one band member it would be Allen Sloan and rightly so as this guy takes enthusiasm to a new level, in fact you would have to go a long way to see a band so enjoying and wrapped up in their sound than this band. This was recorded in 1978 and it shows picture wise but the sound is quite good considering the age, much better than the first DVD, however again this is the Dregs Not Steve Morse so Steve is not center stage loud and proud he is amongst what I consider one of the Tightest Bands to play their type of music. All the musicians in this band are absolutely excellent. This band has flown under the wire their entire career, why I don’t know for me they are my fav band and deserve better support.
    Buy this DVD if you like the Dregs don’t worry about the 70s look it’s the music that speaks for itself.

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