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Not strictly VR as they are AR (and in fact, I’m not even sure they qualify as AR), but has anyone seen these being promoted on Kickstarter, FB and around the web? I must admit, I looked at them month's ago and was intrigued, but sceptical as they looked too gimmicky and the price point of $400 was way too high.

Anyway, long story short, I saw a pair come up on FBMP, and after a good bit off haggling, I finally got them for £100 - which I thought was worth a punt. I wanted them, primarily, to try with my Switch for big-screen mobile gaming. The first thing which surprised me is how well made they are. The actual headset/visor, despite being light, is pretty robust. It comes in a slick soft/hardshell case, with the magnifying lenses, 3 lens blackout covers, the Android mini-PC (which acts as the remote control) and cables. I was reminded of my old Oculus Dev kit when I first took it out of the box. It's not shoddy and it's a much better piece of kit than I expected.

Once you charge and fire it up, you have to first configure the settings for pupil separation and comfort etc, to eliminate blurriness (like VR), and then away you go. The display is pin-sharp. It's not 200 inches like the adverts say, but it's big and a much better visual experience than I ever expected it to be. Also, what I thought would be the biggest issue with the AR googles - light bleed - is a non-issue. The display is crisp, clear and bright. Setting up the apps is a doodle too. Once you've connected to WiFi, you just click on the icon within the home screen and download Android compatible apps like Netflix, Prime etc, and it just works.

Piping my Switch through it was easy too. Just remove the HDMI from the TV and insert into the HDMI port on the Android Controller, change the input channel and presto, big screen Switch. There is a small amount of lag from the controller, but not so much that it's noticeable (if that makes sense). You can feel the microscopic delay, but it doesn't really affect the gameplay. I've read elsewhere that with the Xbox, the lag is shocking. I don't know, I might try it with PS4 and PC.

There are genuine issues, however.
  • The sound is absolutely dire, The built-in earphone/speakers are shocking and you need your own Bluetooth earphones.
  • The second thing is the magnified display lens, it's not big enough. While the visual display is pin-sharp when it's set up, it almost feels like I'm cutting off the bottom edge of the screen, and the top corners can be a little blurred as a consequence. A bit like VR, I suspect this is because the lens has you focusing on the sweet spot which marginalises the outer edges. I just feel a bigger (and adjustable) lens would be hugely beneficial.
  • Lastly, the control unit. You need a USB or BT KB to set up your accounts on the apps. The controller just doesn't cut it. Think Amazon Fire TV control for entering details, but worse.
Other than that, I can't really level any other complaints at it. I'm not sure I'd wear it for prolonged periods (two hours or more), as I think - particularly at my age - it'd give me eye strain. Considering it's a first-gen attempt though, it's pretty damn good.


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I was part of the Kickstarter on these and the whole thing has been a complete sham.

The screen size matches my 75" tv from 8 feet away, nowhere close to 200" and because the screen moves with your head, unlike the PSVR big screen mode, there's no way you can make the screen bigger.
The lag is appalling.
There's a bit piece of plastic in the middle of the screen.

No AR software available for it despite continually being listed as AR/VR.
No access to Google Play store.
Theyve acknowledged that the cloth that comes with it actually scratches the lenses because theyre SO delicate, and yet you've used the term robust.

It's cheap chinese crap.
Some people have received units where the magnets on the lenses fall off, or they havent had lenses at all.
The unit heats up beyond safe margins and it's strapped to your head.

Initially the guy behind it was responsive in answering criticism until he realised he couldn't fix the issues - so what did they do? They immediately launched an improved 4k model on Indiegogo.
So they're now ripping off a whole new group of people KNOWING the unit is unfit for purpose.

I paid to be a contributer to this so that I could leave daily comments on the IGG page telling people what the reality of the unit was, and day by day they would hide my comments so they could continue ripping people off.

Eventually they convinced IGG to change their practices to only allow you to leave 1 comment per day, meaning as soon as they hid my criticism I would have to wait until the next day, at which point they would just hide it again - truly awful practice.

A couple of the developers at companies working with the unit have joined the various facebook groups and talked about how the unit basically is unfit for purpose.

I did a bit of investigating and found the guy responsible for it stole the technology from the company he was working at who dragged him into court over it before they eventually settled out of court.

I hammered them online and eventually got my money back, simply so I would leave them alone, but I think I might be the only one who has managed to get there.

How you can say it's damned good is beyond me, it's utter trash.

If anyone out there is considering it, join this group full of owners and hear the reality :



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I think the main difference between you and me is £250 and no preconceptions on my part. I’m too long in the tooth to be an early adopter with something like this which is why I didn’t back it for £350. For £100, however, it was worth a punt and to be honest, I have found it surprisingly decent for what I paid. It’s not perfect and at the end of the day, it’s a glorified goggle cinema screen (which has been tried before), but it works and works well. Mine does anyway.

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