Dreamcast - Where to buy cheap titles & accesories?

Mark Ward

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Just got a Dreamcast thrown in on a deal for some speakers I bought and my kids love it! It only had Soul Caliber with it & 1 Controller.

I'm looking for a Scart Lead, an extra controller and some games. I don't know anything about the DC, will I need many memory cards? There's 1 in the controller that has an LCD display on it (I assume it's a memory card).

Where's the best place to buy these bits CHEAP

With a bit of research I've discovered some games I think the kid's like:-

Rayman2 (Just bought off eBay for £3.20)
Sonic Adventure
Skies of Arcadia
Virtua Tennis 2
NFL 2k1
Wacky Races

Are there any other Classics I should look out for? I'll do a "Wanted" thread once I know what titles I should be asking for, I'm hoping to buy a fair few at the same time for a bit of a bargain.




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i ordered a vga cable last saturday, posted last monday, arrived today from that site. they have a few accessories. i think they have scart leads etc

if you check the high street video game stores, they sometimes have 2nd hand games going cheap at about £5

a few titles to look out for

crazy taxi
dead or alive 2
jet set radio

if you google around you will find a few sites that list the best games and quick reviews, i found a good one the other week but didn't bookmark it. wacky races was quite a fun game and there was a racing game with bugs bunny that was also cool

the thing you mention in the controller with the lcd is the memory card, it uses a watch type battery. you can also plug in a rumble pack. you can also get keyboards and mice for playing quake


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I get most of my stuff from eBay although I do see the odd occasional bargain at GameStation.

In terms of other games to get, here's some definites:

Shenmue (1 & 2)
Crazy Taxi
Soul Calibur
Jet Set Radio


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Both Powerstone games (1 & 2) are pretty easy to just pick up and play whilst being top fun too. I'll also second the previousley mentioned Crazy Taxi (again 1 & 2) and Jet Set Radio future. Top machine the Dreamcast with LOADS of good games on it :)

Mark Ward

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I've been rather busy picking up some absolute bargains (as well as a couple of titles I was prepared to pay a little more for.:-

We now have (all original)

Shenmue 1 £5
Skies of Arcadia £13
Powerstone 1 £5
Powerstone 2 £8
Dead or Alive 2 £5
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 £13
Confidential Mission £6.50
Virtua Tennis 2 (New) £13 (overpaid on that one)
Wacky Races £5
Looney Toons Space Race £5
Jet Set Radio £5
House of the Dead 2 (Incl Official Gun) £15
Rayman 2 £5
Soul Calibur (Free with FDree Dreamcast) :smashin:

Ok, so I went over the top... It's bloody good fun though, I really like the DC and some of the titles will sell for a profit later I'm sure.



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Nice one mate, you picked up some good titles there.

There's a few ending on Ebay shortly, notabley the following

4 Wheel Thunder (good fun)
Sega Bass Fishing (with rod)
Bangai-o (frantic shooter by Treasure)
MRS (the prequel to Project Gotham Racing, very nice)
Ready 2 Rumble (good arcady boxing game)
And Ferarri F355 (great conversion of the arcade machine)

You might also want to pick up a VGA box, games look superb when run through one of these.
Enjoy :)


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Its worth getting an arcade stick too, a nice robust build and fantastic for 2D fighters or shooters such as Ikaruga and Border Down. Those'll cost you more than you've paid for the other games though.


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Yep, I agree an arcade stick is a must-have if you plan on expanding any more 2D fighters to your collection. Also, if you go for Sega Bass Fishing make sure you try and go for the official rod.


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Tejstar said:
Also, if you go for Sega Bass Fishing make sure you try and go for the official rod.
Agreed if (and it's a big if) you can find an official rod. Sega only produced a limited amount of their own rods and then sold the game packed with a Mad Cats one. Works just as well to be honest but it's always "nicer :) " to have the official gear (Jeeez I'm sad !!!). Similar things happened with Virtua Cop guns and Samba Da Amigo tom toms.


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womble9 said:
Similar things happened with Virtua Cop guns and Samba Da Amigo tom toms.
Never had the Virtua Cop guns but do have the original Samba de Amigo maracas! :) Sold my official fishing rod though years back and regret it! :mad:


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I am selling my steering wheel on fleabay at the moment! Under Spidermanalf there as well! It's got a starting price of 99p, has 3 people looking at it, feel free to bid!

Here is the item number 8230412989

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