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Hi all,
This feels a strange thread to start as I have just recently got a PS3, but I have an overwhelming nostalgia feeling and decided to get my Dreamcast out of the attic...but...I only have the arial input connection which is terrible as I have it connected to my 40" HD LCD! LOL! (cant believe I am writing this)
so my question is, should I hunt down a Dreamcast RGB scart or should I get one of these Dreamcast VGA boxes? 99.9% of the games I have are VGA compatible so that is not a problem.
I was just wondering if RGB would be better as opposed to VGA as I am connecting it to a 1366x768 screen...I'm not sure, I'm clueless.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks guys


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eyup...........oh the Dreamcast..........wot a console.......

well I'm not up on the the tech specs, but when I got a VGA adaptor I was blown away........the clarity.....oh yes

Powerstone and Soul Calibur were absolutely jaw dropping.

Someone else will be able to confirm but I am fairly sure you will get a much better res with the VGA adaptor.......

Do it !



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I have issues with the RGB cable, doesn't get on with my Panasonic plasma at all :(. VGA would be the best option, however i've had no luck in finding one..


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There are a couple of Ebay and if you google it you can find a fair few on the net and they are not to badly priced. I am quite lucky with my LCD that the quality through RGB scart is actually really good so I was in 2 minds whether to get an RGB instead. There are plenty of official RGB ones on Ebay, again going for a really good price...decisions!


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Damn glad I got my Blaze VGA box when gameplay were still selling Dreamcast accessories!

I have the official Scart lead as well, and while it looks good on my LCD, the difference between the VGA & Scart is nearly as apparent between SD & HD on the 360... to my eyes anyway


i only got my vga cable about a year or so ago, it was new and i got it online from america i think (not fleabay). it was only about £8, but it wasn't the official one

only problem was that plugging in my uk xbox, it output at 50hz, and my pio plasma needed a 60hz input to display properly, so i ended up sticking with the scart lead i got locally for about £5 a couple of years ago

i recently got back a load of DC games i'd loaned a friend, so i'll get round to connecting it to my LCD tv as i think that might accept 50hz properly

just so you can check your display will accept the input before you order it. i was pretty dissapointed after ordering, waiting and then it not working

Andy Leitch

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I have a Treamcast VGA box. Works great...although the main room set-up looks a bit untidy when in use but that can't really be helped due to the front VGA port on the Pioneer media box.

Moving it upstairs to use the PC monitor, means I can use my X-Arcade for that ultimate arcadey feel.



my question is this.. i have a widescreen tv but will the vga box give me full screen?? i dont want two big black borders down the sides of the picture. thanks

my tv is new with loads of ports at the back so it should take the vga box i hope


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If your TV has a stretch function then yeah it will fill the screen, but all the action onscreen will be stretch too. Don't think many if any DC games supported 16:9 :(
def get the vga box but you'll still need a scart for the ones that dont have vga.

i've had the blaze vga for 4 years, got it for £1.99 in game sale! only got a compatable tv about 8 months ago and cant believe the improvement! even streched to 50 inches! :cool: but as said above most games arent widescreen but i want to play them as they were made so if theres black bars at the sides then so be it


just hooked up my dreamcast to my panny 42pv500 through a scart(not official) and the colours are all wrong...any ideas?? my dreamcast is a japanese (chipped) should i try an official scart or s video or try to track down a vga box??

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