Dreamcast RGB Scart 4:3 as standard


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Iv been looking in to why my official Dreamcast RGB scart gets auto detected as 4:3 where as a cheap 3rd party cable gets detected as 16:9. From what i have found out is that 4:3/16:9 will send diffrent voltages down the cable so that the TV can detect a 4:3 or 16:9 signal but buy looking at the pin out of the Dreamcast and the connector on the official RGB Scart it looks like its not connected to the +5v or +12v. I'm thinking that can not be right (i could be wrong please correct me) cus scart need some kind of voltage to work??. If scart can work with out a Voltage is this why it only displays in 4:3.

Here is the Pin out from the DC board

1 Ground
2 Right Audio
3 Left Audio
4 +12v
5 +5v
6 selects horizontal scan: Grounded = 31KHz (VGA) Floating/disconnected = 15KHz (TV)
7 selects format: Grounded = RGB; Floating/disconnected = Composite/S-Video
8 Vertical Sync (for VGA)
9 Horizontal Sync (for VGA)
10 Composite Sync
11 S-video Chrominance (C)
12 S-video Luminance (Y)
13 Composite Video
14 Blue (Use 220uf cap)
15 Green (Use 220uf cap)
16 Red (use 220uf cap)

Looks Like the Official RGB Scart is connected to pin's 1,2,3,710,13,14,15,16
On the 3rd party cable all the pins on the connector are there so that's no help

Hey guys if im wrong with this problem let me know and give me some more ideas as im stumped :confused:.


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Pin 8 switches the format on the tv

0-0.4V → off
5-8V → 16:9
9.5-12V → on/4:3

I know that the Scart head on the official has a pin 8 but it only seems to out put 9.5-12v from what I have worked out where as the 3rd party one can send a 5-8v and display in 16:9 if you like I can do a video to show you, quality want be good but it will show what I mean.


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I have kinda got round the problem i got a VGA Box and just hook up with S-Video & VGA now and oh boy VGA kicks ass :clap:.

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