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I have just discovered that my Official DREAMCAST Light gun with HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2 works on my Samsung 4k TV. The sights/cursors don't move when I move the gun but they do when I use the up/down/left/right control on the gun. (Not sure why this is or if it is a problem with the gun which hasn't been used since before the original Xbox). The shots are exactly where I aim them onscreen and kill the zombies.

Can any one explain why this should now work?. Could this herald the return of real light gun games.

I haven't tried my old SEGA Saturn guns as I no longer have a Saturn. Perhaps some one with a 4 k and Saturn could try it out and post the results. Used to love my lightgun games. Lethal Enforcers!!!

P.S Meant to mention the DREAMCAST is only connected by scart but looks great


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If you're talking about the D-pad on the gun, then it's basically the same as having a standard controller plugged in.


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The cursor won't move when you aim the gun because it took advantage of how a CRT traced a light beam across the screen, it would time the refresh start with the end so would know after so many milliseconds after the start where the pixel would be when you aimed and pressed the trigger. Modern flatscreen tvs refresh the whole image rather than trace a light beam so the gun won't work, the dpad is just a normal controller.
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