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    I have just watched the new Dream Theater live DVD - "Score", celebrating their 20th Anniversary, and have to say, I was absolutely impressed throughout. I have criticised James Labrie's live vocals before, but on this DVD, he is note perfect and awesomely powerful. The band is as tight as ever, and they play material from every point of their career, stretching right back to the start, when they were called Majesty, through to the incredible Octavarium album. The second half of the set is performed with a full orchestra, which works superbly well. The sound and PQ on this DVD is as good as you will get anywhere, if not better, and it could be argued that the sound is even superior to the Pulse DVD. The PQ obviously is, because it's not 12 years old. This is a 2 disc set with Disc 2 comprising of extra live footage, and an interviews based documentary. My only gripe is that the layer change on Disc 1 comes right in the middle of a song - surely this could have been placed a little more thoughtfully?

    This is available on DVD and a triple CD, in the UK from 04/09, but I got mine from DVD Pacific, who have been shipping for a couple of weeks now.

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