Dream Screen Ultra V6 and Seymour UF?


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Has anyone seen or owned both of these screen fabrics or know much about the products?

The Seymour UF was always the go to product if you were seated too close to use the XD material. I know that a couple of people have recently purchased Dreamscreen's V7 product and have been very pleased.

For 110" screen Seymour UF (with masking panels and shipping) comes in at a very similar price to a screen from DreamWeave with their V6 fabric.

The V7 fabric reviews even better, but it is around 50% more again in cost.

So firstly, does anyone know how Seymour UF and Dreamscreen V6 compare?

Whilst appreciative of the law of diminishing returns, how much better is the V7 than either of them, considering it costs £1k more.

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