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    Hello again,

    I've just been reading about all of the various processing modes available on the new sets from the main manufacturers and was wondering if any of you could comment on the best choice?

    It seems to be a choice of DRC, Pixel Plus or Acuity from Panasonic.

    I've seen all the feedback regarding Pixel Plus and i've seen a 36" P+ set myself so i know what to expect, but I havent seen or read much about the Sony or Panasonic offerings.

    Does anyone have any views on which processing technology produces the best images for general use TV/DVD/Games? I've had panasonic sets previously and have always been happy with the quality so i'm keen to hear any feedback on the new Acuity sets.

    Any opinions are greatly appreciated! :)


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    Acuity processing found on the PD30 sets is similar to - but more subtle than p+. It enhances detail when viewed from a distance, thus giving the impression of a sharper, more "3D" picture.

    I've had P+ (version 1) and Acuity and I prefer the Acuity as it has less visible artefacts (no haloes round objects moving in front of trees or railings, for instance). As I said, it is subtler than p+ so on first impression a p+ picture can look more detailed. However, for a longer viewing I think Acuity is just as pleasing and looks more natural into the bargain.

    DRC, I don't rate (though the new NX300 may have an improved version). It's more of a general sharpness (as opposed to perceived detail) enhancement and doesn't give much of an extra 3D punch - leaving pictures looking sharp, but a bit flat and lifeless compared to p+ or Acuity processing.

    However, if you plan to view from a close range, you may be better off with DRC as it has the least processing artefacts of the three, thus leaving the picture looking the most realistic when viewed from very close. P+ and Acuity are really about improving perceived detail when viewed from farther away - eg 8 feet+ for a 32" screen.

    As far as build quality, I think the Panasonic PD30 sets have the edge over Philips. My current PD30 seems very well built compared to my previous Philips 9527. I get the impression that generally Panasonic use better quality components than Philips - hence the higher prices. My PD30 has no screen "bounce" when viewing a bright object after a dark one (a sign of a cheap transformer) - unlike my previous Philips set. However, from my experience, quality control on the PD30 seems to no better than from Philips (or, more recently Sony) - I'm currently waiting for a 4th set in the hope that it will have no "dirty marks" on the screen!:mad:

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