Draper rippling


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Humm is there anyone who has experienced rippling on their pj screen.
I have a 92" Draper Luma which oddly has recently aquired 2 ripples. They start roughly halfway down the left and the right of the screen and travel about 45 degrees downwards towards the bottom. Its driving me mad as firstly it gives you a shadow on the screen and when the picture pans it "wobbles as it passes over these ripples.
I cant see a way of improving this as obviously when the screen is finished with I have to retract it into its home.



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my draper has horizontal ripples across the whole screen, not noticeable unless it's bright scenes.

Andy Hill

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I had a similar rippling problem on my Draper Luma manual screen. The horizontal ripples improved after leaving the screen down for several weeks. However, the screen was still not exactly flat - a couple of diagonal ripples/bends were still evident. This was due to the tube bar at the base being bent and the stiching in the black vinyl not being perfectly straight. I corrected this easily by removing the plastic end caps, unscrewing the pull down handle and removing the bar. It was very easy to bend into the correct shape such that it gave even tension all the way along the base of the screen material. I also added some lead into the tube at one side to provide perfect even tension across the whole screen width. Took some time, but I now have a perfectly flat screen.



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I also have problems with my Dalite model b and ripples. I fitted some 15mm pipe brackets to the rear of my speakers just slightly lower than they should be, this gives just the enough tension to get the screen flat.


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