Draper Diplomat - opinions?

Siamese Cat

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I need a new screen.

It needs to be a tripod screen, I know that they are not ideal but I have a Victorian house with very high and ornate corniced ceilings. It would be cultural vandalism to attach a screen to it, the screen has to go on the floor. I've not managed to find a large floor screen - about 2.4 metres wide - in any form other than a tripod. My present screen is falling to bits, the legs are coming apart, the part that holds the screen up is collapsing and the steel bar that holds it up has broken off. Other than that(!) it's fine - no ripples.

Searching the net the most suitable screen appears to be the Draper Diplomat. I've searched here but there's little on it, does anyone have one or know if there's anyone in London who stocks it where I can see one? In photos it looks robust enough but whether or not it tends towards having ripples is impossible to know without using one. If you've got one or have seen one your opinion would be gratefully received.

Siamese Cat

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I originaly posted this under the heading of Draper Diplomat but got no replies. Maybe no ones got one so I thought I'd have another go with a different title!

If anyone knows of a good robust tripod screen I'd love to know about it...please!


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Hi, Im not familiar with draper screens but stewart do some floor mounted screens and I think they do an electric one as well which is quite clever, but there not cheap!!
Regards Daryl

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