DragonHeart Blu-ray Review

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“If a dragon falls in the forest and nobody gets to hear about it … does it make a thud?”

Once the post-Jurassic Park floodgates had opened up, all manner of CG rendered beasties tumbled out in a welter of the good, the bad and the downright ludicrous.

One of the most successful in terms of fully-fledged CG characterisations to come leaping, bounding, flying and, in this case, frying was Draco the Dragon, created by ILM, directed by Rob Cohen and voiced, somewhat surprisingly, by Sean Connery in Universal’s enjoyable, if ultimately quite disposable fantasy romp from 1996, Dragonheart. A pet project for Cohen, nurse-maided by him throughout a troubled development that found him struggling to find an effective way in which to create his mythical star, the film now makes its first foray onto Blu-ray.

Cinema is stuffed with dragons. There’s the one that Sinbad’s crossbow despatched in his...

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