Dragon Wars: D-War Blu-ray Review

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      Reviewed by Keith Hurst
      D-War: Dragon Wars really is a piece of pap, but to some degree enjoyable pap as long as you've had a few beers and your mates are round on a Friday night. After that though it will lose its appeal and forever sit on your shelf gaining dust. I can recommend having a quick look if you're wanting a laugh, but again unlike a lot of quality B-movies its not bad enough to be enjoyable, but apart from that it gets the thumbs down from this fan of both Korean films and B movie genre.

      The storyline gets lost up its own shedded skin and is far too cumbersome and convoluted to fit into 90 minutes; it should have been cut down somehow. For Sarah there's no way out and that I feel is never a good sign for any movie, you know what's going to happen anyway; there's no hope that there might be a get out clause. CGI is acceptable at times, but at other times it's murky and loses all definition, a pity as some of these battles should have been impressive on the big screen in high def.

      Unfortunately this B movie doesn't quite hit the mark and as such it retains a low 5 on the rubber monster scale; watchable but seriously no more than that, rent it at best, or buy it and pass it on quickly before it loses any value whatsoever.
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