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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 2nd September 2009
A truly bravura horror score from Christopher Young. This is a great listening experience that is sure to rattle the nerves, as well as engage on a level of pure mysterioso. Sam Raimi has always found great composers – from Joseph LoDuca and Danny Elfman, to Alan Silvestri and now Young. Drag Me To Hell represents a magical and bone-chilling conjunction of both their astounding talents. Tremendously exciting and slyly written, the score has masses of personality, quicksilver production values and a genuine sense of the demonic. Young's chutzpah makes the music come alive with both wicked dissonance and captivating lyricism, towering Gothic might criss-crossed with a latticework of haunting charm.

This is one of those scores that you just have to put on again the second it has ended.

Now that it has stepped out of the shadows of the download realm, Drag Me To Hell reveals its true colours for Lakeshore's unlimited release. Plus, having seen the film a couple of times, I can safely say that there doesn't appear to be any music missed off – which is pretty much the norm when Christopher Young commits his music to disc - the score merely rearranged and fashioned into a more rewarding listening experience.

This year has seen some absolutely magnificent score releases, both old and new, and Young's Drag Me To Hell is certainly right up there amongst the best of the lot. Very highly recommended.

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