Drag and drop files to QNAP share on PC/Windows problem


Hey all

I used to be able to drag and drop my laptop files to my QNAP share folder on my windows laptop, but for some reason I cannot figure out how to do it.

I am sure I just altered something and took 2 seconds before, but for the life of me I cannot remember what I did.

Sometimes I will download something on my laptop, but getting it to my NAS is becoming a problem without using a drive which is a pain.

The files will be on my D drive on my laptop, and as you can see from the picture, the QNAP share refuses to accept the folder even though its only like 2mb in size.

Is there a setting I need to alter to allow full access to the QNAP share folder on my laptop so I can drag and drop files into it?

Thanks all

See TV thumbnail which I have tried to move to my share Qnap file on my laptop - Just an example



No error, just the red circle with a cross as per the above picture.
It just wont allow me to drag and drop, but it did on my old TS-259 machine.

I am sure I set it up last time with a single button or something, but for the life of me cannot remember how to do it.

I like the drag and drop feature from my laptop if I have small files like pictures I just want to back up or have on my Qnap.


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Does it work if you "cut and paste" something...?

Does work "the other way" ie can you drag/drop anything from the NAS to your Windows machine...?

Typically this sort of thing is a "permissions" issues in that you don't have the necessary permission to "write" to the target. Though permissions don't change unless you went out of your way to change them or are using a different account (which might have different permissions.)


I think I figured it out.
Once the drive was networked on my laptop, I highlighted it and then mapped the drive.
It now shows the folder size in my QNAP which it never did before.

Its not the same method I did before, but it seems to allow transfers from my laptop.


Its strange as the files in the yellow folders are locked and can only view them, but the ones with the drive symbols I can do whatever I want with them.
I dont think its the way I did it before, but it allows me to drag and drop files.



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That quick access section in explorer can have broken links, it only list frequently accessed locations.

So those movies and tv shows probably point to the old NAS & its permissions, right click on them to remove them.

Now go into the explorer with your QNAP mapped share and find those folders on the new NAS, right click on them to bring up context menu and select pin to quick access.


Yeah I think thats what I have done, but either way its working now.
Thanks for all your help

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