Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Keith Hurst, 15th June 2009
Initially scripted as a serious drama on the possibility of something going wrong with the bomb Kubrick realised early on that he could only get his point across if he did this as a comedy and a nightmare comedy at that. He was right. Look at Fail Safe, a picture Kubrick had issues with due to it following his own storyline very closely, so much so he tried to block its release. Fail Safe sort of works but only if you have not seen Kubrick's vision, because once you have it simply pales into insignificance. Kubrick the perfectionist, the master tactician brought in some wonderful people to help him complete this project. The actors and the work they produced here speak for themselves and I hope to have adequately covered this in the movie section of the review. Ken Adam designed and built the now famous War Room (no fighting there though please) and with some little help constructed the inside of a B52 bomber from nothing other than small photographs in hobbyist magazines. Laurie Johnston's score, especially when the action reverts back to Kong's B52 and we hear “Johnny Comes Marching Home”, will have you humming along and it really sets the tension for the final bomb run and that timeless image of Slim Pickens riding to his atomised death.

Kubrick is one of the great cinema masters; he's tried his hand at a number of different genres and in the main he has succeeded in them all. Time and again though he returned to the concept of war, from Fear and Desire to Paths of Glory, Dr. Strangelove and of course Full Metal Jacket. In the last three of those he finds elements of war which to him are absurd and exploits the situation to the extreme. Never before or since has anyone ever taken such a scenario of nightmare proportions and made people smile.

Dr. Strangelove is insightful, witty, laugh out loud funny and has left the cinema going public with quotes they could only ever wish for. It is a timeless piece and one which can be viewed on countless occasions without it ever feeling diluted, staid or aged. For me it's the actors that make this film what it is and whilst immense credit has to be given to Sellers, Hayden and Pickens, it is Scott who steals the show.

If you've not seen this then I strongly urge you to pick up a copy, unless you're Paul Wolfowitz you'll probably find it incredibly funny. The extras package we've seen before but have been extended slightly for this new medium. The video is a step in the right direction and the audio... well there's really not a lot you can, or in fact would want to, do with it so that rests its case right there. It's a well presented package in the digi-book format and I must admit to being a fan of that style. This might not get full marks on the video nor audio front but I still have to give it a 10 . Ten out of ten overall because quite frankly the actual film is that good, it's a must own if ever there was one.
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Good one Keith, and you're right, it's a must own.:thumbsup:

Region free has been confirmed too.:smashin:

Slim Pickens-aka-Louis Burton Lindley Jr.
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Interview with Robert McNamara. - 0:24:26 - 480i/MPEG-2
A extension of the snippets we saw earlier in the War Room extra. A discussion on the political times of the early sixties, the conflicts between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., the missiles they had available to them and the policies that each brought to any negotiating table. His brief insight into that period of time is welcome and a good enough watch, but I was eager for a little more.
The Fog of War is worth watching if you wat to see/hear more of Robert McNamara.

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I just want to say thankyou for the reviews on this forum.

This is a quite wonderful review of Dr Strangelove, informed, intelligent and well written. I saw the film on its release at the cinema, have watched it many times since but I learnt a lot about its background from this.

The standard of reviews on AV Forums is generally very high and this is an outstanding example.

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