Dr Strangelove 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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You had me at:
This set is the bomb

(The full set is on iTunes USA for $59,99 & Dr. Strangelove separately in 4K for $14,99. Of course, you get the inferior Dolby 5.1 standard iTunes Sound with that)


Never seen this and toyed with it but kept forgetting. It's now locked on my radar. Cheers.


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One of my favourite films. Best thing Sellers did, high up on my Kubrick list.
Yes it’s faultless, a true classic. Off the top of my head I just thought of my five favourite films of all time in no particular order: 2001, Strangelove, Planet of the Apes, North by Northwest, Soylent Green. Two Kubrick‘s in there.

I bought the Blu-ray not so long ago so may stick to iTunes for this.

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