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Hi, I have recently purchased an AUS ROG Strix RTX2070 super advanced. I was looking forward to connecting to my BENQ PD2700u and finally being able to select DisplayPort 1.4 on my monitors menu. However I am still only able to select DisplayPort 1.1 or 1.2. I have bought a decent KabelDirekt - 8K DisplayPort cable version DP 1.4-3m – VESA certified cable and still I have no option to select DisplayPort 1.4 on the monitor. I was hoping that maybe I have overlooked something but I am starting to think it is the monitor. However saying that, I am able to stream applicable videos in youtube at 8k 60fps. I would have thought that I would not be able to do this with DisplayPort 1.2. Any help would be appreciated.


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DisplayPort like HDMI applies version numbers to devices and not cables. Cables are specced by their bandwidth mode. RBR, HBR1, HBR2 or HBR3. The cable certifications are Standard which covers up to HBR2 and DisplayPort 8K for HBR3.

DisplayPort 1.4 didn't make any changes to cable standards but continued to use the HBR3 introduced in 1.3

Are you actually using any DP1.3/1.4 features? It may be that the screen is showing 1.2 to tell you that you can use the current picture modes with a DP1.2 source.

I couldn't get much sense out of the manual about which features it supports but try plugging a second DP Display into the daisy chaining port or feeding it an HDR10 signal.

The resolution youtube streams to your computer is neither here nor there. It's no different to viewing a high megapixel photograph.

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