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    Hello. I've just purchased the pioneer 565 A.
    I'm using it with an iScan pro into the AE100 projector.
    So far using the RGB out and then into a RGB to S-Video convertor to the iScan then in on the VGA/data input on the Panny(yes I realise that I can go directly out on s-video from the 565)

    Firstly with that set up I've had great results the only problem being that some (two rental DVD's) have looked like macro protection has kicked in. It's OK on S-Video output staight into the iScan panny.

    Anyhow same problem today so I thought I'd try component out.
    Now as I understand it the 565 needs to be set up for S-video out or composite to allow the component out to function. The component out goes straight into the component inputs on the iScan and then if I'm correct you switch the iScan to YPbPr output?
    If I do this the image just turns green. If I switchback to RGB then the image is normal again. I'm trying this at present running in parallel to S-Video output to the iScan as well. You can then switch the inputs. I have to say that S-Video is slightly brighter and smoother. This leads me to conclude that the component side isn't working correctly. Any ideas out there?

    Thanks Lawrence

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