Dowson H.264 DVR : Locked out lost password


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Hi, I am trying to resurrect a 4-years since last-used Howson 16-channel DVR for which the owner has lost/can't remember the login-in password. This was a machine he used in his bar before being told he needed to store 30 days+ to comply with licensing regulations. So instead of asking me to add more HDD storage he just went and bought another DVR with a bigger HDD.

Cut a long story short, the bigger DVR is "in custody" since February, and they won't give it back....

So out comes the old DVR, hoping to recommission for next Monday ....

I know he used the "admin" account, which I would have advised against, but any passwords he thought might have been used : no-go.

I want to reset it to factory defaults, reformat the hard drive (actually need to put a bigger one in, but that's not the issue), and start over.

Now I know it's a "security" machine, but let's be honest it was used over 4 years ago, so any video footage on it will by now be pretty useless.

I cannot get into the system, the admin log-in password is never correct. So far I have tried :-

Factory Default passwords found on the net, even for other machines .... X
Passwords he thought might be .... X
Passwords generated from the machine's date with several Password Generation apps (superpassword, superpassword2, superpassword3, Dahua-Password, time_pwd_1.1, excel spreadsheet password-reset-.xls)
Removing the coin-cell battery for 20 minutes, and the date gets reset to 17/03/2014, so I know it has lost all volatile data, but the machine name and IP address remains.
I have tried to go in the back door with (DVR) DeviceManage, but it cannot find the DVR on the network, even though I can ping it, and we are all on the domain.

There has to be a way to factory reset this DVR, but I have run out of ideas.

Anyone know of any ways I haven't yet tried ?



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If it makes any difference, my own googling reveals that "Howson" is not one of the more popular brand names, but it shows up in "Slitheris Network Discovery" as....

Device Name : KongTop CMS Activex
Device Type : Unknown
OS : Linux
Brand : KongTop Industrial( shen zhen)CO

I have not been able to get to its browser webpage with Firefox (different PC, Windows 7, same LAN), just get a blank plain blue display, or Edge (Windows 10). Edge says that CMS Activex is not supported.

Why is life so difficult? Computers were supposed to make it easier, weren't they ?


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Aha ! Eureka !!

Look at what I have found on the control board after a bit of dismantling....


Now what do I do, power it up with that jumpered ? Or jumper it after power-up ?

Anyone got a thought on that ?



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Tried both ways, held jumper on for ten seconds, tried with battery removed, battery installed, no joy, board has not been reset to defaults......


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Finally ! Managed to factory reset it, which I had done many times using the jumper, and managed to get into the system....

It turns out that for this manufacturer the default admin password is 00000000,, not 6 zeros as most H.264 DVRs are, nor 4 zeros as indicated in a downloaded manual for the H.264, not 12345, not 123456, not 888888, not 666666.

Couldn't find anything specifically about Dowson, but googled KongTop DVR (Slitheris Network Discovery), and found a Youtube video which showed pages from "the manual", which is where I saw the 00000000 default password.

So, we already knew that not all H.264 DVRs have the same default admin password, but this one is out there on its own !

Just goes to show that with a bit of perseverance, and in my case about 10 to 12 hours worth, things can be achieved !!


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