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Downsizing size, hopefully not quality


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I've moved house and space is now at a real premium. There is a natural place for my TV, a Samsung UE40F7000 which fits snugly to a low profile bracket but due to space constrains I want to minimise the rest of the system whilst retaining a high quality stereo sound. I've decided to sacrifice my surround speakers, A/V amp and sub and settle for good stereo.

The old system was:

Arcam DV88 used as a CD player - Now redundant as all my movies, CD and Vinyl music library have been painstakingly digitalised and are on a Synology NAS box.
Arcam A75 Int. Amp - Planning to keep to drive new setup.
KEF Q3s Floorstanders - In storage, too big.
KEF Q Series Centre and Surrounds
REL Sub - In Storage
Yamaha RXV1000 A/V Amp. Probably going to sell.
Project III Turntable
Sony Blu Ray - Also redundant

I want to make the most of my digital library as I no longer have room for my many 1000's of CD's and vinyl.

Here's what I'm planning:

Arcam A75 Amp - I already own it and love the sound
Arcam iRDAC - to improve the quality of my mostly decent quality bit-rate digital library and streamed music through iPad, NAS box etc. It also adds digital connections the A75 doesn't have.
Q Acoustics 2010i Speakers - The small size is what I need. The reviews are good and I'm hoping the sound will fill the relatively small space I have.
Apple TV - Already own.
Synology J212j NAS

My main concerns are whether I'll be content with the sound from the speakers and how they will sound with the Arcam amp.

Also is the iRDAC overkill for such a basic system?

I would love to hear your opinions and I'm open to recommendations for alternatives.
Expect to see some of the redundant kit for sale on A/V forums soon.


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I suspect that you'll find the relative lack of bass from the QAs a difficult adjustment. Especially after floor standers & a sub! So first step would be to audition them & see how they sound. If you do find them lacking then another option may be to keep the AV amp & sub, if you can accommodate them. Just because you have the extra channels doesn't mean you have to use them.

Another consideration would be to out the lot, forget about the irDAC & have a look at the Marantz MCR-610. That would give you the streaming capability in an all-in-one box & has a sub out if again you can find room for it.


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I had considered keeping the AV amp. The main reason for going for the A75 was that I prefer the stereo sound to the Yamaha. But seeing as the speakers are changing, I'm not sure it'll matter too much.

I've just seen some ex demo QA Concept 20's at a sensible price so I may go for them.

I'll take a look at the Marantz too.

Good advice, Thanks.


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Sonos SOUNDBAR and a couple of PLAY:3's?

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