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Good evening all,

I have been listening to my Monitor Audio Silver 8's for a few years now and I do love them, however as much as I like listening to music on them I also use them for films and TV watching. I'm looking to upgrade my TV from a 55" to a 65" in the near future and because the TV is wall mounted and due to the location of the speakers (room limitations sadly) if I increase the TV size to 65" the Silver 8's will be too tall and block the view of the corners of the TV. The TV is wall mounted.

So, can anyone suggest a suitable replacement to the Silver 8's that have a smaller profile but still produce the same kind of quality audio (or better). Also, if I switch brands to something else, will it make a large difference watching movies in 5.1.2 with the centre and surrounds all being Monitor Audio?

I guess budget is probably around £1500ish?

Thank you,


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Silver 50 with a sub?
Silver 200 with a sub?
Studio with a sub?
Gold 100 with a sub?
Silver 100 with a sub?

Ideally the front 3 speakers should be as close match as possible.


Have you a photo of the room from your listening position?

As you already have a sub then considering stand mounts is perfectly ok in that you won’t lose any scale once the sub is integrated properly.


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Thank you all for the replies.

I'll look into the bookshelf/stand mount speakers. I hadn't really thought of that as I've had towers and they've just sounded so good. Especially with movies. Will standmounts give the same kind of impact as towers while watching movies?

I've attached a couple of pictures (wide angle) of the room. It is 4.4m x 3.4m in size (2.4m high). The reason I hadn't thought of stand mounts is just the proximity to the entrance. I don't want someone (or a dog, I have two) to accidently knock them over on the way in.

I have thought of the silver 6, but they're a 2 way speaker rather than 3 way so I assumed (wrongly?) that the sound quality coming from them wouldn't be as good as the 8's.


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Can the return on the settee be moved to the other end? If so I would rotate everything 90 degs so the settee is on the window wall and the tv and fronts are on the long wall, surround can go behind the door (just close the door for film watching) and in the opposite corner. This would produce a much better listening environment and be cheaper than swapping speakers.


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Having seen the pics I'm with @Ugg10. I had RS6 previously & they really needed room, especially laterally. I'm surprised that RH speaker isn't booming like a booming thing squeezed in the corner like that. If you could spin the room then you may not even need the bigger TV, as you'll be closer to it!

Maybe you don't need new AV at all, just a new sofa. ;)


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If you mount the new TV with the bottom edge the same height as your current TV then you don't need smaller speakers. You may need to angle the screen a touch lower though.


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Thank you all for your replies.

I can't move the room around really. I have the TV bracket on that wall with a double socket on the wall behind the TV and the HDMI cabling inside the wall too so that it's all plugged in nicely tidied away (no trailing wires anywhere), plus if I move the TV to the wall on the right I then have to contend with the light from the windows shining directly onto the TV unless we close the curtains all the time. I agree that it isn't perfect, but we have to work with what we've got unfortunately.

I have bungs both towers to reduce booming, again it isn't prefect but it's what I have to work with. If I'm having a proper music listening session then I move the speakers forward and away from the wall a bit.

The TV will be mounted exactly where it is, I won't be able to moved it up or down as the bracket is fixed to the wall, which is why I'm thinking it'll be a bit too low with those towers in the way?

Also, the sofa is only 1yr old so I don't think it'll be replaced any time soon lol.

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