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Downsizing advice please Quad 11L's to ???


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I currently have a 6.1 setup

6 x Quad 11L's
1 x Velodyne CHT15

Av receiver Pioneer AX5i

I love the Quad 11L's too bits but my daughter is 18 months old and my concerns are that she may pull one of the stands down on top of her :nono:
She has taken to playing boo from behind my rear centre which is on a 1 metre stand :devil: and to be honest if scares me.

I noticed the Tannoy Arena lites while looking for a new PJ to replace my AE500 and like the look of them and they get good reviews from what I have read although the Sub is a dissapointment and would have to look at an alternative or keep the Velodyne?

Havn't done much looking so looking for some advice please before I line up any demo's.

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If you like the sound of the 11Ls then have you listened to the L-ites? I know it seems obvious enough, but they are not that much of a downgrade from the 11Ls, having done a side by side comparison.

When I compared them (with the sub) I could hear that the 11Ls provided better cover in the 50-80Hz region, but that the L-ites could keep up with detail and power. Since the sub is quite good this should cover that area anyway.

I think there are still some available aren't there?


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Your children must learn that a flame burns, that the oven is hot, that thorns hurt..., and accordingly avoid these dangers. Why can't they learn that the loudspeakers are not toys and should not be touched?

If you aren't going to use the "educative route", then I guess you have no choice, and will have to sacrifice sound quality. Physics can't be fooled, and you need a minimum size to reproduce sound down to 80Hz. Thus, "lifestyle" speakers won't sound as good as bookshelf, although they may cost more for design and engineering reasons.

If you are really going to change the speakers, I'd suggest you look for something you can mount on the wall, but still has a decent size. I listened once to the small Castle Compact and they were really good, but they are discontinued. The Quad Lites go also in this line, and are supposed to be a very good deal. I believe the SVS speakers can also be wall-mounted, just check it. And finally, I know that Dynaudio offers (offered, they are discontinued now) the Audience 42 in a wall-mount variant, look for it. I guess you could start something with these suggestions, but I am sure there are more possibilities around.

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